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Jerry Reynolds' Moab Video

Just wanted to share a short video of what can happen when not airing down your tires when off-roading. I was in Moab this last week on vacation and hired Dan Mick as our tour guide for our run on Hell's Revenge. If you are not familiar with Hell's revenge it is one of the most difficult trails in Moab. Lets just say there were some parts where my heart was pumping, my kid screamed to get out, and my wife was as stiff as a board. My son actually had to get out and ride with our guide in his jeep as he was to scared in the back of our H2 because all he could see was the sides of the vehicle.

Anyway we met with Dan in the morning before we headed out and talked about airing down. It was the consensus that it was a warm day, we were running nice rock crawling tires which is the exact same ones he was running (Goodyear MTRs), and the the slick rock has excellent traction. We went up, down and all around Hell's Revenge with no problems whatsoever. We came to a very large pit know as the "Belly Button" which is VERY steep both in and out. We went down and up with no problems. We came back a second time via the opposite end and went down, then going back up we lost traction. Not because the H2 could not make the climb, but because the terrain was un-even and the tires were not conforming due to the fact they were not aired down. Well, on the way back up the H2 started slipping and due to my in-experience in off-roading I mistakenly gave it more gas as I was not going to let this rock beat me. I started bouncing and then heard some not so pretty sounds. It was the sound of my tie-rod bending in. So I had one wheel straight and one bent in.

Luckily I had the cameras rolling and put together a little clip. You can see from one of the angles as I am going up and down that I am actually sitting on the corners of my MTRs.

Very small - 6 megs

Small - 13 megs

Medium - 36 megs

(Requires Quicktime)

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